Soap Bar - Hoppy Mint

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Beer for your face? Damn straight. Damn Handsome's original Beer Soap Bar is a sudsy balance of vitamin-rich oils, hops and spent grains repurposed from Michigan Breweries. Hoppy Mint features of the scents of rosemary, mint, and hops.

Each plant based oil was chosen specifically to replenish and refresh hands, body and even faces - and every bar is made by hand in small batches for a true intoxicating artisan experience.

Key Ingredients: Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Spent Grains, Natural Fragrance & Hops.

All Damn Handsome Soaps are handcrafted in small batches using vegetable oils, spent grains and, of course, local beer. Cut by hand so sizing may vary. *Always green conscious & never tested on animals.

Dry out in-between uses for a long lasting bar.

Natural, Handcrafted, Vegan
Approx. 4.25oz