Candytuft 'Snowflake'

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Evergreen Candytuft is a spring blooming favorite, often seen cascading over rocks and walls, or used as a groundcover. The glossy, evergreen foliage forms a compact mound. This selection offers loads of good-sized white flowers for several weeks, on a plant of medium size. Prune lightly right after blooming, but otherwise leave plants alone in fall and early spring. Drought tolerant, once established. Prefers a well-drained site, so avoid heavy clay soils that stay wet in winter. Not easily divided.

Plant Details


Latin Name:
Iberis sempervirens 'Snowflake'
Plant Type:
Evergreen Perennial
Care :
Prefers a well-drained site, but avoid heavy clay soils if possible.
Light Requirements:
  • Full Sun
  • Partial Shade
Spreading habit.
Plant Height:
10 inches
Plant Width:
36 inches
Narrow, glossy evergreen leaves.
White flower clusters bloom in April-May.
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Special Features:
  • Deer Resistant
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Container Use
  • Low Maintenance