Old Fashioned Hydrangea

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Available in 8" pot. The Old Fashioned Hydrangea is a spring standard! Grows to 30" height and sports 3+ large mophead blooms. Save your pot to plant after the last frost to enjoy in your garden for the season. 

Everyone asks how to adjust the color of their hydrangea after it is planted. It all has to do with the ph of the soil so, to change a hydrangea from pink to blue entails adding aluminum sulfate to the soil. Staff at Uncle John's can help you with this little trick as we carry the very products needed.

Plant Details


Latin Name:
Hydrangea macrophylla
Potting Options:
  • 8" Pot
Care :
Prefers soil to be evenly moist; do not let dry out.
Light Requirements:
  • Partial Sun
Very showy pink, blue or white flowers
Special Features:
  • Container Use