Aspen, Quaking

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Quaking Aspen is perhaps most noted for its beautiful white bark, its deep green foliage that quakes in the slightest breeze and its golden yellow fall foliage color. Flat, rounded green leaves flutter and rustle in the breeze providing both visual interest and soothing sound to the landscape. As the tree matures, bark becomes more chalky white with black warty patching. Well-adapted to very cold climates.

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Latin Name

Populus tremula 'Erecta'

Plant Type

Deciduous Tree


Provide enriched, well-drained soil. Best planted on north or east facing sites; avoid hot and dry exposures. Water deeply, regularly during the first growing season to establish an extensive root system. Feed with a general purpose fertilizer before new

Light Requirements


Upright, very narrow habit.

Plant Height

35-45 Feet

Plant Width

5-10 Feet


Glossy green leaves with pale undersides.




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