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Also called Chinese long beans or asparagus beans, ‘Orient Wonder’ is a delicious and beautiful, dark green, pole bean. Seeds are slow to develop, so pods stay smooth and slender. ‘Orient Wonder’ is much more tolerant of weather fluctuations (cool, dry to hot, humid) than traditional green beans. It’s easy to grow, prolific, and almost indestructible. Beans are most tender at 12″–18″ long, even though they can grow as long as 30″.

Variety Information: Yard Long bean is so named because the long, slender pods can reach almost a yard in length, though they are best at 12″–18″ long, before seeds start to enlarge. Long, slender, round, stringless pods hang in pairs. Commonly called a bean because it is grown and eaten like snap beans, Yard Long beans are of a different species and actually more closely related to Southern cowpea or black-eyed pea as well as mung beans. Beautiful purple flowers open in the morning beginning in midsummer.

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