Fern, Himalayan Maidenhair


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This species of Maidenhair Fern has a delicate appearance, with black stems holding very small leaves of soft green. It forms a low, slow-spreading patch that is in no way invasive. Excellent foliage for cut flower arrangements. A beautiful edging or groundcover plant. Also great in pots. This takes a couple of years to settle in, appreciating a rich soil that stays evenly moist. Not a good choice for dry shade under thirsty types of trees. Clumps may be divided after 4 to 5 years. Semi-evergreen in mild winter regions.

Additional information

Latin Name

Adiantum venustum

Plant Type



Grows best in rich, evenly moist soils. Do not let dry out.

Light Requirements

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Spreading habit.

Plant Height

10-12 Inches

Plant Width

24-36 Inches


Lacy green foliage with black stems.


Flowers not showy.


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Special Features

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Peak Season(s)

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