Fruits of the Earth: 100 Recipes for Jams, Jellies, Pickles, and Preserves


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Preserves and pickles, chutneys and cordials are the added extra in life, the relish to the meal and the sweet hit that makes afternoon tea such a treat. You only have to look on the shelves of the smartest delicatessens to see that making jams and jellies has never been so popular, with flavors and combinations that range from the traditional tried-and-tested recipes to the more adventurous and exotic. Jam and jelly making and food preservation have always been an important household craft, an essential part of the culinary calendar. Whether you cultivate your own plot and grow your own produce, set out on pick-your-own expeditions, or shop at the local farmers’ market, there are 100 recipes here to make the most of a glut, when fruits and vegetables are at the best and their cheapest. In essence, this is a great way of appreciating the seasons and capturing times of plenty in a bottle. That moment when you twist the lid and pop open the seal on the jar releases a glorious memory of a bountiful time. All the basic techniques and equipment information you need. Recipes range from traditional favorites to classics with a twist and new combinations of ingredients.

Author: Gloria Nicol
Publisher: Cico
Published: 2009
Hardcover, 144 pages

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