Hardy Hibiscus ‘Cranberry Crush’


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‘Cranberry Crush’ is a vigorous, rounded, sturdy-stemmed, woody-based, herbaceous perennial that sends up 10-20 upright and heavily branched main stems each spring to form a mound typically rising to 3-4′ tall. Stems are clad with dark green leaves with purple overtones. Large, almost dinner plate-sized, hollyhock-like, slightly cupped, scarlet red to dark red flowers (7” diameter), each with five overlapping petals, bloom from mid-summer to early fall. Individual flowers last only one day, but one or more flowers usually open each day, in succession, over the long bloom period.

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Latin Name

Hibiscus x 'Cranberry Crush'

Plant Type



Best in moist, organically rich soils, but does surprisingly well in average garden soils as long as those soils are not allowed to dry out. Regular deep watering is advisable.

Light Requirements



Upright habit.

Plant Height

36-48 Inches

Plant Width

48-60 Inches


Dark green, leathery, maple-like leaves.


Large, scarlet-red flowers bloom through summer.


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