Letters to Clarence: A Courtship in the Old South


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Lee Arnold is a grandson of Clarence and Greta. He and his wife live in northeastern Ohio, and are the parents of four grown sons.

Clarence loved to write, and as a young man he wrote letters to a certain young lady he desired to court. That young lady’s name was Greta. Clarence knew that letter writing was a great way to develop a relationship, so he pressed his own love for writing on this young lady he was beginning to court, asking her to write to him on a regular basis.

Greta did not have nearly the same love for writing as Clarence. However, as the letters from Clarence began to arrive, she attempted to answer them in kind , though not nearly as regular as he. Her letters to him began in the spring of 1914and continued on and off until mid-1916. In total there were forty-five letters fromk her which have been preserved that cover those two courtship years of their lives. 

Not only do these letters open a window into the courtship adventure of two ordinary people in that era, they also give a picture of daily life during the tough times in the south about fifty years after Civil War. While life was hard, their love for each other grew stronger, and the courtship adventure eventually turned into a simple wedding in July of 1916. This is the story of that adventure. 

Author: Lee Arnold
Publisher: Lee Arnold
113 pp. 6 x 9″

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