Pear ‘Chanticleer’

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Chanticleer Callery Pear (which is also known as ‘Cleveland Select’, ‘Select’, ‘Stone Hill’ or ‘Glen’s Form’) is considered to be one of the best cultivars available today. Glossy, thick dark green foliage appears after masses of pure white flower clusters in spring. Foliage turns shades of reds and purples in fall and is fire blight resistant. Although it is still susceptible to limb breakage or splitting from strong wind, snow or ice, it is much stronger than other varieties, such as ‘Bradford’. Best grown in full sun.

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Best grown in humusy, well-drained loamy soils with consistent moisture. Tolerates some drought once established. Adaptable to clay soils.

Latin Name

Pyrus calleryana 'Chanticleer'

Plant Type

Deciduous Tree

Light Requirements


Upright oval form.


Glossy dark green leaves turn hues of reddish-purple in fall.


Highly fragrant white flowers in early spring.


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Plant Height

30-35 feet

Plant Width

12-15 feet

Special Features

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