Phlox, Garden ‘Laura’

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‘Laura’ is a garden phlox cultivar which typically grows in an upright clump to 3-4′ tall. Fragrant, tubular flowers with long corolla tubes and five flat petal-like lobes are purple with white eyes. Individual flowers are densely arranged in large, terminal, pyramidal clusters atop stiff, upright stems which seldom need staking. Long mid to late summer bloom sometimes extends into early fall. Narrow, opposite, pointed, lance-shaped leaves. Good fresh cut flower. The name Phlox is derived from the Greek word for flame.

Additional information

Latin Name

Phlox paniculata 'Laura'

Plant Type



Thrives in organic, moist to moderately dry soil. Good air circulation and consistent soil moidture is helpful in controlling powdery mildew.

Light Requirements



Upright habit.

Plant Height

36 inches

Plant Width

24 inches


Green, mildew-resistant foliage.


Large clusters of purple flowers with white eyes, blooms through summer.


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