Sneeboer & Zn’s Great Dixter Trowel


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This trowel, designed to the specifications of Christopher Lloyd, was one of his favorite tools for planting and weeding. It is narrow to allow you into tight spaces but sturdy for leverage when weeding difficult plants. The rounded tip gives you a good cutting surface and the length of blade allows you depth in the soil. The small blade of the Great Dixter gardening tool represents the easiness of digging even in the most heavy clay soil. With a durable cherry wood handle it is suitable for planting out sweet peas and other thin, long-rooted seedlings.

Width of Head: 2″ in
Length of Handle: 5.5″ in
Length of Head: 6.25″ in
Total Length: 13″ in
Weight: 8.5 oz

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Weight 1.250 oz


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