Tickseed ‘Starlight’

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In warm weather the petals of each flower are pristine white with magenta highlights, but in colder weather that magenta consumes the entire blossom contrasting beautifully with its sunny yellow center. You can expect this unique perennial to begin blooming in late spring and to continue its show all the way into autumn. As the seasons change you have the chance to enjoy the full range of its color pallet. Not only are its color-changing blooms lovely to behold, they are also quite cold hardy and can survive temperatures as low as -20F!

Additional information

Latin Name

Coreopsis 'L'il Bang Starlight'

Plant Type



Best planted in average, well-drained soil.

Light Requirements


Clumping habit.

Plant Height

6-10 Inches

Plant Width

10-15 Inches


Narrow green leaves.


Daisy-like blooms, white petals with magenta highlights.


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