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Brightly colored flowers are what make Ranunculus so attractive. Each bloom consists of multiple layers of delicate, crape paper-thin petals in vibrant shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, white, lavender, and shades in between. The leaves are grass green and reminiscent of celery. Grown from a tuber, Ranunculus can bloom for up to six weeks and can handle several hours in temperatures as low as 20 degrees while growing.

Plant Details


Latin Name:
Ranunculus asiaticus
Plant Type:
Flowering Bulb
Care :
Keep soil moist but not soggy.
Light Requirements:
  • Full Sun
Plant Height:
10-18 Inches
Grass green, celery-like
Many petals in a variety of colors.
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Special Features:
  • Container Use
  • Cut/Dried Flower