Your Outdoor Room!

No matter where you live, something drew you to your home…a room that you saw had potential, or the front door you envisioned painted lavender! The same approach can be taken with your outdoor room as well! Creating the livability of your outdoor space is achieved by simply adding your vision to the design…how do I see myself spending time out here, what elements would I be excited to have and enjoy? Do I see a water feature here, or a fire pit… maybe a built in grill for the family get-togethers? The landscape designers at Uncle John’s can help you put your mark on this area because they listen as you envision your dream.

We’ve all heard the term, “curb appeal.” That approach is useful for the front of the home where we “dress to impress”, but the backyard is our special area. The area we can lounge in, read, play, or just roast marshmallows! Creating this outdoor room doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Our designers will help you see the outdoor room through the seasons with trees that might have interesting bark, or shrubs that have foliage color variations. Choosing the various landscape surface you’re most drawn to such as wood, pavers, rocks, shells or grass is another area our designers can assist you with. Give us the opportunity to work with you and we promise you will not end up with a cookie cutter backyard! Uncle John’s uses plant product grown right here at the Plant Farm, and partners with local growers to bring you the best!