A Garden on Your Porch

Cherry Falls organic bush tomato seeds are ideal for summer-long container gardening

In our last two “conversations” we looked at container gardening. This time, I’d like to take another look at the subject, but with different plants in mind! This summer we have a wide variety of produce for sale, including strawberries, many varieties of tomatoes (both heirloom and hybrid), black cherry tomatoes, lots of peppers, kohlrabi, eggplant, broccoli, lettuce…the list goes on. Oh, and don’t forget our large selection of herbs!

Container gardening is a perfect way to grow your own vegetables and herbs if you have limited yard space, Homeowner’s Association restrictions, etc, or if you are new to growing these types of plants and want to experiment without a lot of commitment. Also, as I mentioned in our previous talks about container gardening, if you find that your tomatoes aren’t getting enough sun, etc. simply move the pot!

Furthermore, some plants, such as strawberries and mint, can overrun your garden if planted directly into the soil. Container gardening with these types of fruits, herbs, and vegetables will prevent you from having to get into your garden and “cut back” these invasive, but delicious, plants.

For a wide selection of containers, herbs and vegetables please stop by and see us. We will even plant your selections into the container of your choice, if you like! If you choose to do it yourself, just be sure to ask one of our associates which type of potting soil and draining medium would be best for the plants you have selected. Have a great week!