Container Gardening: II

As we “talked” last week, combination pots are a great and versatile way to “beauty up” the yard. I could give you an hour presentation on the subject, but thought I’d include just a few pointers here for you to consider.

There are so many different sizes, shapes and textures of pots. Find some that you really love as the pot can make the whole effect even better. Just be sure to have holes for drainage in the bottom. One of the biggest mistakes folks can make is forgetting that plants don’t like to sit in water.

When you are choosing your plants, look for three types of items: a “thriller, a “filler” and a “spiller. The thriller is a taller upright, attention grabbing piece. It can be a flowering plant or even a foliage or grass. This plant gives the pot some scale and draws your eye into it. The fillers are prolific flowerers, plants that fill up the body of the container and show a ton of colors. The spillers are items that drape over the sides and trail down the side of the pot. Great items here are sweet potato vine or dichondra, etc.

As you choose your different plants, be sure to include differing textures, colors and looks. If you would like some ideas stop on in and we can help, but most of all…enjoy this process. Making different combinations and looks is a creative joy. Hope you all have a great week, enjoy the weather, and we will see you soon.