Oh Peppers: You Sweet, Spicy, and Pungent Things!

Did you know when cooking bell peppers you can use any color, but purple bells turn khaki when heated, so cooking them hardly justifies the premium you pay for the color?

I made that mistake once. A short pepper crop took me to the Farmer’s Market where the green bells were abundant and so reasonably priced—but I saw the purple glisten of those other peppers. Went home and halved those beautiful bells—heated the grill and with little embellishment they were nestled on the grill grid charring away.

When I opened the lid to flip them—viola! My purples were now green. Lesson learned! Now I just show them off in a multicolored bells veggie platter.

Hoping your crop is abundant – find two pepper inspirations on the Recipe page: one is a versatile dish with white beans and roasted peppers—so easy to make you’ll use it again and again in a variety of ways; or try some peppered peppers for a delicious side dish!