Blueberry ‘Perpetua’


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Perpetua is unique in that the new growth produces flower buds that proceed to break bud without winter dormancy and then flower and ripen late-summer into a fall crop. While many blueberries will produce a few fruit in the fall on 1-2 buds at the tip of the new growth, ‘Perpetua’ will flower on up to 4-6″ of the new growth. An attractive combination of dark green and glossy leaves on a vigorous, vase-shaped, compact plant.

Additional information

Latin Name

Vaccinium x 'Perpetua'

Plant Type

Deciduous Fruiting Shrub


Prefers average to moist, acidic, well-drained loose soil, but is highly adaptable to any soil. Water regularly during the first growing season to establish a deep root system. Fertilize in early spring.

Light Requirements

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Compact, vase-shaped.

Plant Height

2-3 Feet

Plant Width

2 Feet


Green leaves turn shades of red and orange in fall.


Bell-shaped white flowers produce late-summer fruit.


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