Cactus, Turk’s Cap


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The common name Turks Cap (Melocactus) refers to the wool-covered sphere at the top of the plant which resembles the traditional Turkish fez hat popular during the Ottoman rule. Turk’s Cap cactus grows about 2” – 4” inches tall and has a width of around 3″ – 4″ inches. When the Turk’s Cap blooms, the cactus flower buds grow out roughly 2” inches long. The plant has 8 – 9 ribs surrounding the body of the plant with small thorns growing from them. When Turks Cap Cactus reaches maturity, it will develop wool and bristle-covered spheres at the top of the plant known as cephalium, at which point the body stops growing. This will be either red or white and will grow small pink-colored flowers. This plant requires plenty of sunlight to survive. You’ll want to give your Turk’s Cap plenty of water as they enjoy moist environments but don’t let them sit in water as it can lead to root rot. However, water regularly, and you should avoid allowing them to dry out completely, even in the colder months.

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