Fiddle Leaf Fig


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Native to the tropics, Fiddle Leaf Fig thrives in warm and humid conditions which can make them somewhat more challenging as a houseplant. However, they are relatively robust and can withstand less-than-ideal conditions for a good period of time. Because of their size, often growing to more than 6 feet tall indoors, they make an ideal floorplant if there is ample space provided. Fiddle Leaf Fig require bright, filtered light. They can even tolerate some sun, especially if placed in an eastern-facing window. Keep moist, but don’t allow it to sit in water or it will drop leaves and suffer from root rot. This plant does not like to be turned or be moved frequently. Fiddle Leaf Fig will only keep leaves that face the light; leaves facing a darker wall or corner will not last. Expect your ficus to loose leaves if you move or re-position the plant.

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