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Commonly called spring onion, Welsh onion, or Japanese bunching onion, is a clumping, slowly-spreading, evergreen perennial onion that is primarily grown as a vegetable for harvest of its tasty onion-flavored leaves. Elongated underground bulbs are barely thicker than the plant stem (some characterize this species as being “bulbless”). Hollow, leafless, blue-green flowering stalks rise to 24-36” tall, each stalk being topped by a globular terminal umbel containing tiny, yellowish-white flowers. Each umbel typically sports 50-100 flowers which bloom from late May to August. Common name of Welsh onion does not refer to the country of Wales, but is derived from the German word meaning foreign.

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Latin Name

Allium fistulosum

Plant Type

Tender Perennial Herb


Easily grown in rich, deep, medium moisture, well-drained, sandy-limey loams in full sun to part shade. Plants tolerate a variety of soil types. Best performance occurs with consistent moisture during the growing season.

Light Requirements


Clumping habit.

Plant Height

12-36 Inches

Plant Width

12-24 Inches


Hollow green, elongated leaves.


Clusters of yellow flowers in summer.


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