Sage ‘Common”


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This perennial herb earns its keep with fast-growing ways, beautiful blooms, and a flavor deer find distasteful. Once established, plants shrug off drought, although it’s wise to keep plants well-hydrated through the hottest parts of summer if you want a steady supply of supple foliage. Some gardeners pinch out flower buds to keep leaves forming, but the blooms are beautiful. If you choose to let plants flower, when blossoms fade, cut plants back to beneath where flower buds formed. Don’t cut back to woody stems that have no leaves; those most likely won’t sprout again. Sage plants typically require replacing every 3-4 years, as plants become woody and produce fewer leaves.

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Latin Name

Salvia officinalis

Plant Type

Perennial Herb


Perfers average, well-drained soil. Will tolerate dry conditions but not wet feet.

Light Requirements


Bushy, sprawling habit.

Plant Height

12-24 inches

Plant Width

24-36 inches


Gray-green, fragrant leaves.


Small, lavender-pink flowers bloom in summer.


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