Sweet Peet


An organic, multi use product that can be used as mulch, soil amendment, grass seed starter and so much more!

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What puts Sweet Peet apart from any other product is that it is composted used horse bedding from local horse farms. With this being said, Sweet Peet is comprised of soft wood shavings which horses are bed on, horse manure and trace amounts of hay and straw. It is carefully monitored for temperature and moisture as it composts and then screened to take out all unfavorable items such as rocks and horse shoes! You will also notice that Sweet Peet doesn’t have an offensive odor that you often get with products that contain manure.

Although Sweet Peet has the same attributes of many other products, how many have them all? It is so versatile! You can use it as mulch, soil amendment, seed starter, in all gardens or in pots! Also, Sweet Peet’s color is naturally derived by the tannins that are created during the composting process. No dyes are added! So, you get a blend that suppresses weeds, nourishes your soil, germinates grass seed and is esthetically appealing…all in one product!