Staying Home This Summer?

In February the Chicago Sun-Times reported that experts believe more people than ever before will enjoy “staycations” this summer – relaxing at home during a vacation period rather than taking a trip to a different locale. This is attributed, by the Sun-Times, to a rise in gas prices and various other factors. Vacations can get expensive – in fact, a 2010 American Express survey found that the average family of four will spend $4,000 on a vacation, including airfare!!!

If you count yourself among the ranks of staycation-ers and plan to relax at home this summer, consider making the most of your backyard before your staycation. Sprucing up the backyard will not only give you enjoyment during your staycation, but all season long! Also, unless you are planning a major overhaul of your outdoor space, it will cost significantly less than the average vacation. Some ideas to consider: First, think about what you enjoy while on vacation. Do you love relaxing with the family by an open fire at night? There are numerous options for outdoor fire pits, from permanent pits built into patios, to chimeneas made out of terra cotta or metal that you can move around the yard whenever your heart desires (once they’ve cooled, of course). Perhaps you have a pool, and plan to spend your staycation lounging beside it. If that’s the case, we can help you recreate the oasis of your dreams on the deck next to your pool with our wide selection of tropical plants. Once summer fades, you can move those plants indoors and continue to enjoy that tropical feeling all year long. What winter blues?

Whatever your desire, give us a call, and our landscape designers will do their best to enable you to achieve that vacation feeling in your own backyard. Best of all, most of these options require minimal effort and don’t cost an arm and a leg (and you don’t have to tip anyone in your backyard!), giving you more time to relax and enjoy this summer.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!