Cilantro: My Love / Hate Relationship

Well, okay—hate is a very strong word, so maybe love/dislike would be more appropriate. But think about it—most people either love cilantro or they don’t; there’s no grey area with this versatile herb.

My mission here is to enlighten you on this wonderful herb—cilantro is the leaf, coriander is the seed. Cilantro does well in cooler weather, and once it gets hot it—like most of us—bolts. But that doesn’t mean its mission at that point is over—seeds for cilantro can be picked and stored with your spices, and it is a very attractive plant to butterflies and other pollinators.

Before it bolts, however, let’s be creative in the kitchen with two of my favorite cilantro-themed recipes, a Cilantro Lime Dressing (a zesty marinade for meats, or a dressing for a festive summer salad) and a Cilantro Pesto (made with pumpkin seeds). These can both be found in our Recipes archive. Yum!