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Also known as Bay Laurel or Sweet Bay, this popular culinary herb has beautiful, broad shiny leaves and is slow growing but easy to care for. Bays are ideal for container growing because of their slow growth and can be shaped into decorative topiaries. The bay leaf is well known for its use in hearty stews and other long-simmering dishes. The slightly sharp, peppery, almost bitter taste adds much to dinner. Add the whole leaves at the beginning of the cooking process and remember to remove them before serving. Bay makes a good meal great by adding its earthy taste and when kept in proper conditions, has a long shelf life of about a year.

Additional information

Latin Name

Laurus nobilis

Plant Type

Annual Herb


Ideal for containers, with well-drained, good quality soil is needed. Let soil dry between watering to prevent waterlogged soil.

Light Requirements


Upright, bushy habit.

Plant Height

15 feet

Plant Width

20 feet


Flavorful, shiny green leaves.


Light chartreuse flowers bloom in spring.


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Special Features

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Container Size

Peak Season(s)

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