Coffee Plant


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Coffee plant is the source of the world’s most popular breakfast beverage. Not many know, however, that it makes a beautiful and easy-to-grow house plant that has glossy, dark-green leaves with ruffled edges on willowy stems. After 3 or 4 years, Coffea arabica produces star-shaped, sweetly scented white flowers. These flowers are followed by green fruits which change to red then to almost black as they ripen, a process that takes several months. Inside each ripened fruit are 2 seeds (or beans) that when properly roasted can be ground and made into coffee.

Keep your Coffee plant in bright light, shaded from direct sun. Keep soil thoroughly moist but not soggy in spring and summer, barely moist in fall and winter. Requires moist air (around 50% relative humidity or higher). Indoor air can become extremely dry indoors, especially during the winter months. Brown leaf tips are a symptom of dry air.

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