Shamrock Plant

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The Shamrock Plant or Oxalis comes in several varieties and flower colors, from white to light lavender. Leaves can be bright green to a burgundy leaf variety that has a soft pink flower. The Shamrock is valued for its interesting “good luck” three parted leaves and as always the flowers are a bonus! Most varieties do benefit from a rest period of several months.  After blooming, decrease watering and temperature.  Cut back foliage or allow it to die down.  Re potting and division of overgrown plants should be done at this time.  Resuming regular watering, temperature and fertilization will start your Shamrock on its way to blooming again. Maintaining soil on the dry side is a good practice. When watering, drench soil thoroughly, then allow it to become mod. dry before watering again. Indirect or bright diffused light is best.

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