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Lovage is a perennial herb, native of the Mediterranean region. The large, dark-green, shining radical leaves are usually divided into two or three segments. Toward the top the thick, hollow, erect stems divide to form opposite, whorled branches which bear umbels of yellow flowers, followed by highly aromatic, hollowed fruits (seeds) with three prominent ribs. Lovage has a special taste and aroma. Many love it while others hate it. In any case, it should be used with discretion. Just a small leaf or a sliver of root can do wonders but too much can ruin an entire dish. Lovage is often used in the manufacture of stock cubes to give extra flavor. The leaves can be dried or frozen for winter use and the roots will last for a long time in the refrigerator.

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Latin Name

Levisticum officinale

Plant Type

Perennial Herb


Will tolerate aferage, well-drained soils.

Light Requirements



Upright, bushy habit.

Plant Height

5-7 feet

Plant Width

2-3 feet


Blue-green, finely-divided leaves.


Flat-topped clusters of yellowish flowers bloom in summer.


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