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The peppermint plant is also known as brandy mint or balm mint. It’s a small, perennial herb with four-sided stems and clusters of small reddish-violet flowers. The finely toothed peppermint leaves are dark green, smooth or slightly hairy and with a strong, characteristic aroma. Peppermint plants grow in sunny, moist areas and near water, and the plant is just one of many members of the mint family. Peppermint essential oil with more than forty different compounds is used in dietary supplements, herbal remedies, aromatherapy, and for very many flavoring purposes.

Additional information

Latin Name

Mentha piperita

Plant Type

Perennial Herb


Best planted in average, well-drained soil.

Light Requirements


Bushy, spreading habit.

Plant Height

12-36 inches

Plant Width

24-36 inches


Dark green, fragrant leaves.


White flowers bloom in summer.


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