Prayer Plant ‘Variegata’


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The foliage of Prayer Plants is often highly decorative, and this variegated variety, Maranta leuconeura var. kerchoveana ‘Variegata’, adds an extra layer of decoration to each leaf. Medium green foliage develops a row of chocolate spots on each side which resemble ‘rabbit tracks’ and are randomly streaked with splotches of white to creamy yellow on top of that! The Marantaceae family is commonly known as “Prayer Plants” due to their circadian rhythmic nastic movement known as nyctinasty in which they move their leaves based on an internal circadian clock, causing their leaves to fold upwards at night, resembling praying hands. Prayer Plants prefer moderate or lower light conditions- do not place in high light areas. Make sure to provide moderate to high levels of humidity. If humidity levels are too low (40% or less), leaf edges may crisp or burn.

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