Phalaenopsis Orchid


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Phalaenopsis, also known as Moth Orchid, prospers in conditions prescribed for African violets, making it one of the easiest orchids to grow indoors. Fertilize during spring and summer. In autumn, switch to a bloom booster orchid fertilizer.  Coupled with cooler nights, this will induce plants to set buds and flowers. Phalaenopsis can bloom two to three times on the same stalk if you cut off the flower stalk above the third or fourth stem node before it has entirely finished blooming. Sprays last 2-6 months. Keep water out of center of the plant to prevent rot. Misting leaves frequently also helps. Colors range from white, yellow, pink, red, violet, brown, green and in addition, throw in some striped and spotted ones! Bright to indirect light is preferred but, never sunny.

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Phalaenopsis hybrid

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Best in bright but indirect light. Grow in an bark mixture for orchids, do not let sit in water.

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