Sansevieria ‘Whale Fin’


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The Whale Fin Sansevieria is a truly unique species of Snake Plant, with it’s massive leaves, intense mottling and a leathery texture, all of which are reminiscent of a whale’s fin. Whale Fin Sansevieria doesn’t need much care, and would almost rather be neglected. The key thing to know about this plant is that it grows very, very slowly. There is no way to force the plant to grow faster than it will, and efforts to do so usually end up killing the plant. This is a type of houseplant that you will want to set in place and leave alone. Bright, indirect light is best and it will even tolerate some direct sun better than similar plants. These plants can’t sit in water, or even in damp soil for any period of time. The correct way to water a healthy plant is to wait between waterings until the potting mixture is completely dry or nearly all the way dry. Use your finger to feel the soil as deep as you can. If the soil is damp at all, you may be able to wait for water.

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