Thyme, English


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The English Thyme Herb Plant is essential to every herb garden, and it also flourishes when grown in containers. English Thyme is a small upright shrub that reaches 15 inches in height. It produces abundant tiny dark green leaves. English thyme needs full sun and well-drained soil. Its dried leaves, combined with parsley, chervil and tarragon comprise ‘fines herbes’ used to season many French dishes. Thyme also is an essential herb in the mixture ‘bouquet garni.’ Thyme is a popular flavor addition to meats, vegetables, vinegars, soups, stews, tomato sauces and cheeses. English Thyme’s essential oil has many aromatherapy uses, both topical and ingested for medicinal purposes, and as a popular fragrance for body care products and room fresheners. Thyme is antiseptic, stimulating and cleansing. Leaves may be harvested throughout the growing season.

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Latin Name

Thymus vulgaris

Plant Type

Perennial Herb


Prefers well-drained soil, but will tolerate poor soils also.

Light Requirements


Compact, bushy habit.

Plant Height

12-18 inches

Plant Width

20-24 inches


Tiny dark green fragrant leaves.


Tiny pinkish-purple flowers bloom in summer.


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