Basil, Lemon ‘Mrs. Burns’


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Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil is an heirloom cultivar of Sweet Basil, which when compared to Lemon Basil (a different species of Basil), in Mrs. Burns lemon basil the lemon flavor is more intense, the leaves are larger, and the plant itself is more robust. It has the strongest lemon scent and flavor of all the lemon basils, and also has undertones of cinnamon and mint and hints of spice along with a strong floral note. Slow-bolting, but the flowers should be pinched to prevent the leaves from becoming bitter. Mrs. Burns lemon basil can be repeatedly harvested by taking a few leaves at a time and should be harvested periodically to encourage regrowth.

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Latin Name

Ocimum basilicum var. citriodora 'Mrs. Burns'

Plant Type

Annual Herb


Grows best in fertile, moist but well drained soil. Do not over water, especially when young.

Light Requirements


Upright, bushy habit.

Plant Height

18-36 inches

Plant Width

12-24 inches


Bright green leaves.


White flowers bloom through the summer.


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