Bush Clover ‘Gibraltar’


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Gibraltar bush clover, is a deciduous, semi-woody shrub with an arching, fountain-like habit. When cut to the ground in late winter to early spring, it responds by producing rapid annual growth to 3- 6’ tall and as wide during the following growing season. It features bluish-green leaves and drooping racemes of rosy-purple, pea-like flowers which are grouped into loose, pendulous flower panicles. Blooms appear in late summer to early fall.

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Latin Name

Lespedeza thunbergii 'Gibraltar'

Plant Type

Deciduous Shrub


Easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils. Performs well in infertile, sandy soils. Good drainage is essential.

Light Requirements


Arching habit.

Plant Height

4-5 Feet

Plant Width

4-6 Feet


Small, trifoliate bluish-green leaves.


Abundant rosy-purplepea-like blooms in summer-fall.


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