Geranium, Scented ‘Attar of Rose’


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Rose-scented leaves are accented by pale pink flowers. Plants have somewhat of a trailing habit and should be grown in a location where the foliage will be touched to release its lovely rose-scent. The edible flowers and leaves are typically used in flavoring desserts, cakes, jellies and teas.
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“Attar” is a word used to describe any perfume extracted from flowers. Scented attar of roses, extracted from the blooms of roses, was highly desired and very expensive during the Victorian era, which is understandable when you consider it takes 150 pounds of rose blossoms to make a single ounce of fragrance. Thus, geranium attar of rose became an inexpensive substitute for the real thing.

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Latin Name

Pelargonium capitatum 'Attar of Rose'

Plant Type

Annual Herb


Geranium attar of rose is a drought-tolerant plant that doesn’t tolerate soggy soil. Water only when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch.

Light Requirements


Bushy habit

Plant Height

24-36 Inches

Plant Width

12-16 Inches


Rose-scented leaves.


Pale pink flowers.



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