Grass, Japanese Forest ‘All Gold’

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One of the most gorgeous of ornamental grasses, also one of the few that prefers shady sites. This forms a low mound of arching stems, with cascading layers of narrow golden-yellow leaves that will brighten any shady corner. The graceful effect is similar to a dwarf bamboo. Tiny green flowers are hidden among the leaves. Clumps are slow to grow, but eventually makes a spectacular edging. Combines beautifully with Hostas or ferns, since all have similar requirements. Mature clumps may be divided in early spring, but be sure to make the divisions large for best success. Needs moist soil. Not invasive in the least.

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Latin Name

Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold'

Plant Type

Ornamental Grass


Prefers well-drained, rich loam with consistent moisture in summer.

Light Requirements

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Arching, clumping habit.

Plant Height

6-12 inches

Plant Width

18 inches


Pure gold leaves.


Reddish-brown airy seed clusters appear late summer into fall.


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Peak Season(s)

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