Japanese Snowbell ‘Evening Light’


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One of the most beautiful trees blooming in a spring garden, the white blooms with an ultra-fragrance, are held open on maroon stems. Makes a striking combination with its dark purple foliage and shaded green tones. By early fall, this tree will rebloom when kept consistently moist through summer months. New foliage opens to reveal rich violet shades and ends with hundreds of white blooms in bell shapes that dangle.

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Latin Name

Styrax japonicus 'Evening Light'

Plant Type

Deciduous Ornamental Tree


Best grown in medium moisture, acidic, organically rich, well-drained soil. Prune in winter to control shape.

Light Requirements


Weeping, Oval, Upright habit.

Plant Height

6-10 Feet

Plant Width

8-10 Feet


Purple leaves with green tones.


Pendulous white flowers in Spring.


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