Parsley, Flat-Leaf (Italian)


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The Flat-Leaf Parsley Herb Plant, commonly referred to as Italian Parsley, is an aromatic biennial herb quickly gaining in culinary popularity. It’s more pungent than curly-leaf varieties, and both its flavor and texture hold up better in cooking. Flat Leaf Parsley grows to a height of 18 inches, and it prefers full sun or partial shade and rich, moist soil. Cutting stems for harvest promotes continual lush growth. Leaves are large, flat and serrated. The flavor is slightly nutty, reminiscent of a combination of parsley and celery. Best used fresh-cut, Flat-leaf Parsley is loaded with nutrients, especially vitamin C. Whole stems make a beautiful edible garnish, and the leaves are a superb flavor addition to tabbouleh, pasta salads, and a variety of cooked meat, seafood and vegetable dishes—especially Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and European.

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Latin Name

Petroselinum crispum var. neapolitanum 'Italian Flat Leaf'

Plant Type

Tender Perennial Herb


Plant in fairly rich, moist soil. Water regularly during dry periods.

Light Requirements


Compact, bushy habit.

Plant Height

12-24 inches

Plant Width

12-24 inches


Bright green, finely-cut leaves.


White flowers bloom in summer.


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