Swamp Milkweed

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One of the most beautiful of native perennials with clusters of upturned pink flowers in June and July. Much underused in average garden conditions! Attracts butterflies of all kinds. Willow-like leaves are 4-5″ long. Occurs in floodplains and wet meadows. The leaves of the Red Milkweed are a preferred food source of Monarch caterpillars. Preferring moist soils, this is a great plant for naturalizing in roadside ditches, detention basins, and other wet soils that often dry out in summer.

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Latin Name

Asclepias incarnata

Plant Type



Prefers consistently moist soil, but performs admirably in average, well-drained gardens as well.

Light Requirements



Upright habit.

Plant Height

36-60 inches

Plant Width

24 inches


Green willow-like leaves.


Pink flowers bloom in summer.


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