Cilantro, Santo


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One of the most useful herbs, each part of the cilantro plant – leaves (cilantro), seeds (coriander), and roots can be used in cooking! This extra slow-bolting variety is grown more so for its large leaves rather than seeds. The pungent, sharp leaves are best used fresh. The roots have the same flavor as the leaves but with an added nuttiness and can be used freshly minced. Flowers appear in summer. Cilantro will thrive in average, moist soil.

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Latin Name

Coriandrum sativum

Plant Type

Annual Herb


Plant in average, well-drained soil.

Light Requirements


Clump-forming habit.

Plant Height

5-24 inches

Plant Width

4-10 inches


Bright green, fern-textured leaves.


Clusters of white flowers bloom in summer. Dried seeds are used as Coriander.

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