Lilyturf ‘Variegata’

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Lilyturf is a grassy-leaved, evergreen perennial most often used as a groundcover or edging plant in shady places. This selection features leaves striped lengthwise with green and creamy white, bearing short stems of violet-purple flowers, like tiny Grape Hyacinths. If plants look shabby in spring, trim the leaf tips with sharp scissors, or just mow back hard. Easily divided in spring. Where hardy, this is an excellent choice for edging, in rock gardens, or in mixed containers. Tolerates summer heat and humidity. Evergreen.

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Latin Name

Liriope spicata 'Variegata'

Plant Type



Prefers moist, fertile soils in part shade. Tolerates wide range of light conditions and soils.

Light Requirements



Mounded, clumping habit.

Plant Height

15 inches

Plant Width

18 inches


Green and white striped, evergreen grass-like leaves.


Spikes of purple flowers bloom late summer.


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Special Features

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