Oregano, Italian


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A delicious culinary herb that is essential to your Italian dishes.  If you are herb gardening for flavor, include Italian Oregano in the herb plants you grow. Italian Oregano is an excellent variety with a strong spicy flavor used in Italian cooking. A native of the Mediterranean region, Oregano was made popular in the United States by returning WWII soldiers who brought their new found love of pizza home with them. Previously not considered the main ingredient in Italian cooking, it was Oregano’s bold spicy flavor that reminded Americans of the robust complexity of Italian cuisine.

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Latin Name

Origanum vulgare 'Italian'

Plant Type

Perennial Herb


Best planted in average, well-drained soil which is somewhat rocky or gravely. Will not tolerate wet feet.

Light Requirements


Bushy, clumping habit.

Plant Height

24 inches

Plant Width

24 inches


Small green, fragrant leaves.


Small white flowers bloom in summer.


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Peak Season(s)

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