Rosemary ‘Cascade’


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Cascade Rosemary is low-growing, only reaching about 12-inches tall, but with the ability to spread up to 8-feet! Full sun and well-drained soil will result in a carpet of glossy, forest green foliage topped by prolific blue blossoms. Valued for its ornamental and aromatic properties, often being incorporated into dried floral arrangements, potpourris, topiaries and wreaths, Cascade Rosemary is also used in the kitchen for flavoring potatoes, tomato-based sauces and roasted meats, particularly lamb. A little rosemary goes a long way!

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Latin Name

Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostrate'

Plant Type

Tender Perennial Herb


Best planted in average, well-drained soil. Do not over-water.

Light Requirements


Low, spreading, prostrate habit.

Plant Height

12-24 inches

Plant Width

60-72 inches


Glossy, dark green, fragrant needle-like foliage.


Blue flowers bloom in summer.


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